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Outdoor Wood Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Wooden and log furniture. Swings, tables, chairs.

Shark Tooth Water Weed Rake

Remove debris and cut aquatic weeds at the root for a cleaner lake bottom

The Original Snow Scoop

The Kaufman Snow Scoop is the best snow shovel you will ever buy.

Shark Tooth Water Weed Rake

Removes debris and aquatic weeds from around boat docks, boat lifts, shorelines, ponds, beaches and anywhere aquatic weeds have taken over at your home, cabin, or lake house.

"The Original" Snow Shovel Scoop

Kaufman Sheet Metal is the Inventor of the Original Snow Scoop (Best Snow Shovel). Often imitated but never duplicated. Move snow the easy way without braking your BACK.

Kaufman Curved Snow Roof Rake

Our Snow Roof Rakes are curved to slide effortlessly over the snow up the roof and cut into the snow with reverse travel for safe and easy snow removal without climbing on your roof.