Snow Roof Rake



  • Constructed of high quality sheet metal
  • Rake is curved to slide over and cut into the snow with reverse travel
  • Comes with three 5ft slip-together handles (15ft total length)


Manufactures limited warranty of 6 months from date of purchase against material and workmanship defects. In the event of defective material or workmanship Kaufman's Custom Sheet Metal will replace the defective part of the snow roof rake without a charge to the customer.

Our Snow Roof Rakes are curved to slide effortlessly over the snow up the roof and cut into the snow with reverse travel for safe and easy snow removal.  No lifting of the roof rake each time adding unnecessary stress to your back or the handle.  A cubic foot of snow can weigh from 7 pounds for snow that is new and dry to 30 pounds for old, compacted snow.  Rain falling on accumulated snow will add even more weight. Drifting snow may put excessive loads on the areas where it piles up. Icicles are a sign of roof damaging ice dams which can leak into your home, regular use of our roof rake will remove the snow that melts and becomes these ice dams.

*A Roof Rake is not made to bust up packed snow or icicles.
WARNING: Working around electrical wires can be fatal!